Dog Gone Radio ∆ Episode 33


Episode 33 ∆ June 9, 2016

1. Abner Jay – My Middle Name Is The Blues
2. Serge Gainsbourg – 69 Année Érotique
3. Francis Bebey – Motema
4. Jackie DeShannon – Splendor In The Grass (feat. The Byrds)
5. PEACE!! – Get On The Way
6. The Petch Phin Thong Band – Soul Lam Plearn
7. Chief Brigadier Olu Oni & His Marathon System – Juju Marathon System
8. Alessandro Alessandroni – Asincronia
9. Baris Manco – Olum Allahin Emri
10. Meri Aakhon Mein Ek Sapna Hai – Edit (Featuring Mohd. Rafi & Pankaj Mittra)
11. Master Musicians of Java – Bendrong
12. The Crazy People – Head Games and Other Assorted Crap
13. Laura Ulmer – Amoureux D’une Affiche
14. Lawrence Martin – I Got My Music
15. Linda Brannon – Baby I Can’t Let You Go
16. The Jewel Gospel Trio – Too Late
17. Oronzo De Filipi – Magia
18. David Crosby – Orleans
19. Guitar Slim Green with Johnny & Shuggie Otis – Old Folks Boogie
20. Jimmy Tarbuck – Wastin’ Time
21. Ilian – Sometimes
22. Michele – Know Yourself
23. Frank Palmes – I’m Gonna Cross The River of Jordan Some of These Days
24. Rev. J.M Gates – Oh Death, Where Is Thy Sting
25. The Hykkers – Stone The Flower
26. Lord Sitar – I Am The Walrus
27. Mountain Bus – Sundance
28. The Myrrors – Entranced Earth
29. Linn County – Moon Food
30. Ultimate Spinach – Mind Flowers
31. Pastor T. L. Barrett and The Youth For Christ Choir – Nobody Knows


Dog Gone Radio ∆ Episode 32


Episode 32 ∆ May 26, 2016

1. Asha Bhosle – Mera Pyar Shalimar
2. The Velvet Underground – We’re Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together
3. Kittu – Baby Let’s Dance Together
4. Don Cherry – Brown Rice
5. Peaking Lights – All The Sun That Shines
6. Ananda Shankar – Raghupati
7. Kishore Kumar – Zindagi Ke Safar Mein
8. Lesley Duncan – Love Song
9. Condello – Crystal Clear
10. The Brazda Brothers – Walking Into The Sun
11. The Seeds – Travel With Your Mind
12. 13th Floor Elevators – Slide Machine
13. Emitt Rhodes – Time Will Show The Wiser
14. Waynell Jones – Jaybird Boogie
15. Bo Diddley – Prisoner Of Love
16. Suni McGrath – Picnic On The Moor
17. Grateful Dead – Uncle John’s Band (12/31/69)
18. Lalgudi G. Jayaraman & Ustad Amjad Ali Khan – Alap, Gat Tritaal & Ektaal
19. John Fahey – Jesus Is A Dying Bedmaker II
20. Bubble Puppy – Beginning
21. Fairport Convention – Matty Groves
22. Beacon Street Union – Green Destroys The Gold
23. The Poppy Family – I Thought Of You Again
24. Johnny & The Attractions – Young Wings Can Fly
25. Lata Mangeshkar – Aaina Wohi Rehta Hai
26. Suzanne Ciani – Wind In The Sea
27. Aphrodite’s Child – Loud, Loud, Loud
28. Neil Young – See The Sky About To Rain
29. Bob Dylan – Visions of Johanna

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Dog Gone Radio ∆ Episode 27


Episode 27 ∆ March 17, 2016

1. Miles Davis – Generique
2. Keith Mansfield – Incidential Backcloth No. 3
3. Mort Garson – Killing Of The Witch
4. Odetta – Chilly Winds
5. Bobby Brown – My Hawaiian Home
6. Mort Garson – Ode To An African Violet
7. Le Coeur D’une Generation – Ton Amour
8. A Passing Fancy – Island
9. Tucker Zimmerman – The Red Wind
10. Condello – Oh No
11. The Contents – Peace At Last
12. Jim Sullivan – Tea Leaves
13. Gabor Szabo – The Beat Goes On
14. Bezunèsh Bèkèlè – Meneme Addis Neger Yeleme
15. Dara Puspita – To Love Somebody
16. Donnie & Joe Emerson – Baby
17. Franco & Giorgio Bracardi – Lo strangolatore di Boston
18. Baker Knight & The Nightmares – Hallucinations
19. The Moody Blues – To Share Our Love
20. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Zig Zag Wanderer
21. The Third Power – Feel So Lonely
22. Joey Vine – The Out Of Towner
23. Bruce Palmer – Alpha Omega Apocalypse
24. Bearfoot – Only A Soldier
25. Michaelangelo – Come To Me
26. The Tropics – It’s You I Miss
27. Wrinkars Experience – Fuel For Love
28. The Carnabeats – I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman
29. Yankee Dollar – Sanctuary
30. The Brummels – Bof!
31. Bitchin Bajas – Inclusion
32. Comus – So Long Supernova
33. Woods – Can’t See At All
34. King Solomon Hill – The Gone Dead Train


Dog Gone Presents ∆ The Radio Spoke To Me


This just might be the best mix we ever did.


Download ∆ The Radio Spoke To Me 

01. Montibus Communitus ∆ The Pilgrim Under Stars (excerpt)
02. Dymaxion ∆ Ant’lrd Ally
03. Biglietto Per L’Inferno ∆ Confessione
04. Federal Duck ∆ Peace In My Mind
05. Sons Of Adam ∆ I Told You Once Before
06. Fender IV ∆ Malibu Run
07. The Electronic Hole ∆ Love Will Find A Way
08. Grateful Dead/John Oswald ∆ Clouds Cast (excerpt)
09. Bill Plummer & The Cosmic Brotherhood ∆ Journey To The East
10. Mark Fry ∆ The Witch
11. Vasti Bunyan ∆ Coldest Night Of The Year
12. C.O.B. ∆ Spirit Of Love
13. Toolshed ∆ Love In Outer Space
14. Yusef Lateef ∆ Eastern Market
15. Saphire Thinkers ∆ From Within
16. The Millenium – 5 A.M.
17. Fate – Smoke & Stone


Various Artists ∆ 1970’s Algerian Folk and Pop


If you’re anything like us, this is exactly what you need in your life today. “Chenagh le Blues” by Algerian rock outfit Abranis comes off Sublime Frequencies’ new compilation of 1970s Algerian Folk and Pop, which you should pick up right now.

“From the heavier rock and psychedelic sounds of Rachid & Fethi, Les Djinns and Les Abranis, to the haunting folk music of Kri Kri and Djamel Allem and the film soundtrack moods of Ahmed Malek, 1970s Algerian Folk & Pop documents a key period in the modern musical renaissance of a nation in transition. Most of these tracks are from 45 rpm singles, the key format during the early 1970s before the cassette took over as the medium of choice. Western musical influences can be heard throughout this extremely diverse record, yet there is an undeniable Algerian sense of sadness contained here within a more tolerant space in time between two of the country’s most significant historical periods; National Independence from France and the darker times of a brutal civil war yet to come.”

Prince Rupert’s Drops ∆ “Follow Me”

Living in New York City certainly has its benefits and drawbacks. Whether those come in the form of readily available bagel spots, high rent costs, or underground hair/nail salons operating in the apartment next door to you (a benefit to some, a drawback to others), there’s an infinite number of things that make you want to stick around, and just as many that make you want to pack up the U-Haul and get outta town in a moments notice. But something that you won’t find anywhere else, and will forever remain a part of New York’s fabric, are bands like Prince Rupert’s Drops.

Typically, these bands don’t stray too far from home and if you happen to live outside the New York locale there’s a good chance they’ve flown passed your radar. This sort of musical anomaly applies to bands like Endless Boogie, Invisible Familiars, and a whole legion of artists that exist largely within the confines of New York.

Prince Rupert’s Drops much anticipated sophomore LP, Climbing Light, is out this week on Beyond Beyond is Beyond. Fans of riff-heavy ’60s psych with a touch of British folk are sure to enjoy the array of sounds crafted by this eclectic musical collective. Have a listen to “Follow Me,” the album’s stunning folk-rocker that finds vocalist Leslie Stein channeling Fairport-era Sandy Denny.

Purchase Climbing Light from the good folks at Beyond Beyond is Beyond.

Prince Rupert’s Drops – “Follow Me”

Mark Fry ∆ “The Witch” (1972)

mark fry dreaming with alice
Mark Fry’s 1972 psych-folk masterpiece Dreaming With Alice has been getting a lot of play around these parts of late. Recorded in Rome over a three-day period in the summer of ’71, but never properly released unto the world, the physical LP is extremely rare with copies fetching for much as $4K. Throughout the album, songs weave in and out of short, reappearing dream state segments that venture through the visions of Fry’s highly psychedelic dream with Alice—a reference to the Louis Carroll’s Alice Through The Looking Glass. Here we share with you the dark, Eastern-tinged acid-folk number, “The Witch.” Do enjoy, friends.

Mark Fry ∆ “The Witch”

(stream the full album here)

Quilt ∆ Quilt in Marfa

Quilt in Marfa

Back in March, Quilt headed down to the desert town of Marfa, Texas to perform at Mexican Summer’s inaugural festival gathering. While in town, the Bostonian quartet made their way over to a small recording studio located near the nearby Chinati Arts Foundation. It was here that Quilt performed an extended four-song suite depicting their more exploratory live persona. Tune in and stick around for the 26 minute “Milo” that closes out the tape.

Al Lover feat. Morgan Delt ∆ “Super Strength (Power Plants)”

San Francisco-based producer Al Lover has made a name for himself over the past several years by melding the sounds of psychedelic rock with narcotic, hypnogogic beats. On “Super Strength (Power Plants),” the first single off his new album Sacred Drugs, he teams up with the venerable Morgan Delt to create a drugged-out wash of guitar and organ samples that pulsate beneath Delt’s hazy vocal drawl. Have a listen below.

Sacred Drugs comes out October 1 on vinyl via Psych Army and cassette via Crash Symbols.

Woodsman ∆ Teleseparation EP


After putting out their highly impressive eponymous LP earlier this year, Brooklyn-via-Denver’s neo-kraut troop Woodsman return with a new EP this fall that offers a glimpse into their improvisational studio recording process. Acting as a companion piece to the full-length record, the EP features a raw, extended version of the album’s final cut, “Teleseparation,” in the form of a 30 minute jam cut into in 4 parts with no overdubs. A transcendent, stream-of-consciousness sonic journey, bathed in repetitive guitar atmospheres and totemic rhythmic interplay. Zone out to the Teleseparation EP below.

Purchase the Teleseparation EP on cassette via Fire Talk.