Dog Gone Radio ∆ Episode 27


Episode 27 ∆ March 17, 2016

1. Miles Davis – Generique
2. Keith Mansfield – Incidential Backcloth No. 3
3. Mort Garson – Killing Of The Witch
4. Odetta – Chilly Winds
5. Bobby Brown – My Hawaiian Home
6. Mort Garson – Ode To An African Violet
7. Le Coeur D’une Generation – Ton Amour
8. A Passing Fancy – Island
9. Tucker Zimmerman – The Red Wind
10. Condello – Oh No
11. The Contents – Peace At Last
12. Jim Sullivan – Tea Leaves
13. Gabor Szabo – The Beat Goes On
14. Bezunèsh Bèkèlè – Meneme Addis Neger Yeleme
15. Dara Puspita – To Love Somebody
16. Donnie & Joe Emerson – Baby
17. Franco & Giorgio Bracardi – Lo strangolatore di Boston
18. Baker Knight & The Nightmares – Hallucinations
19. The Moody Blues – To Share Our Love
20. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Zig Zag Wanderer
21. The Third Power – Feel So Lonely
22. Joey Vine – The Out Of Towner
23. Bruce Palmer – Alpha Omega Apocalypse
24. Bearfoot – Only A Soldier
25. Michaelangelo – Come To Me
26. The Tropics – It’s You I Miss
27. Wrinkars Experience – Fuel For Love
28. The Carnabeats – I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman
29. Yankee Dollar – Sanctuary
30. The Brummels – Bof!
31. Bitchin Bajas – Inclusion
32. Comus – So Long Supernova
33. Woods – Can’t See At All
34. King Solomon Hill – The Gone Dead Train



Singles Club ∆ Issue 3: Woodsman

For their latest offering, the good folks at Singles Club—Brooklyn’s quarterly subscription-based record club and digital music journal—present a brand new track from our brothers in Woodsman. Recorded live to tape, “Further” captures the feel of Woodsman’s extended on-stage explorations and demonstrates the band’s adept ability at layering spacey, transcendent instrumental kosmische. Along with the music, Singles Club have also assembled a stunning digital journal that offers insight into how the song was forged and the band’s creation process. Have a listen to the track below and head over to Singles Club to sign up for your subscription.


Feature: Singles Club


I first met Jeffrey Silverstein a few months back when we co-hosted a loft show in Greenpoint, Brooklyn featuring acoustic guitar prodigy Daniel Bachman along with Olden Yolk and Gem Trails. But even before that, our paths had crossed numerous times in the digital sphere through a mutual love for music and the passion to discuss it and share it with others. It’s likely from that passion that Jeffrey, along with and his bandmate Chris Muccioli, came to revive the old-time tradition of the record club in the form of Singles Club–a new subscription record club and digital music journal published quarterly throughout the year. The first release in the series comes from Daniel Bachman, while others down the line will include Small SurWoodsman, and Wisdom Tooth.

Jeffrey was kind enough to take the time to discuss the concept of Singles Club, as well as a bit about himself and the inspiration for the project. Read on below and if you feel like this is as great of an idea as I do, head over to their Kickstarter and help support the project.

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Henry Tree – “Mr. Fear” (1969)


Henry Tree were a band from the land of Cleveland, Ohio who released a single album, titled Electric Holy Man, in 1969. Consisting of Leroy Markish on guitar and lead vocals, Carmen Castaldi on drums, Charles McLauughlin on bass, the group also featured an un-credited, jazz wizard guitarist named Bill DeArango. Combining Traffic style bluesy numbers and fuzzed out jams with DeArango’s jazz guided odysseys, this is a highly impressive psych LP with terrific guitar work.

Henry Tree – Mr. Fear