Prince Rupert’s Drops ∆ “Follow Me”

Living in New York City certainly has its benefits and drawbacks. Whether those come in the form of readily available bagel spots, high rent costs, or underground hair/nail salons operating in the apartment next door to you (a benefit to some, a drawback to others), there’s an infinite number of things that make you want to stick around, and just as many that make you want to pack up the U-Haul and get outta town in a moments notice. But something that you won’t find anywhere else, and will forever remain a part of New York’s fabric, are bands like Prince Rupert’s Drops.

Typically, these bands don’t stray too far from home and if you happen to live outside the New York locale there’s a good chance they’ve flown passed your radar. This sort of musical anomaly applies to bands like Endless Boogie, Invisible Familiars, and a whole legion of artists that exist largely within the confines of New York.

Prince Rupert’s Drops much anticipated sophomore LP, Climbing Light, is out this week on Beyond Beyond is Beyond. Fans of riff-heavy ’60s psych with a touch of British folk are sure to enjoy the array of sounds crafted by this eclectic musical collective. Have a listen to “Follow Me,” the album’s stunning folk-rocker that finds vocalist Leslie Stein channeling Fairport-era Sandy Denny.

Purchase Climbing Light from the good folks at Beyond Beyond is Beyond.

Prince Rupert’s Drops – “Follow Me”

Devonian Gardens △ “Solar Shifting” (Video Premiere)


Calgary psych-rock voyagers Devonian Gardens have released unto the world a new video set to the title track to their debut album, Solar Shifting. Recorded in the secluded forests of Nova Scotia with analog wizard Jay Crocker, the album first came out in digital form last year on Beyond Beyond is Beyond and is now available on compact disc. Watch the cosmically animated video below.

After playing a series of killer shows in The Great North, Devonian Gardens are now embarking on their first tour of the US (dates). This Sunday, they’ll be playing the Beyond Beyond is Beyond Showcase at Mercury Lounge in NYC featuring Steve Gunn, Prince Rupert’s Drops and Worthless with liquid light projections by Drippy Eye. RSVP for that event here.

Purchase Solar Shifting via BBIB.


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Best Albums of 2012


[Art by Sean Metcalf]

Greetings friends and fellow travelers. As the year comes to a close, we find ourselves looking back on all the great music that came out of 2012. This year offered much hope for the future, including the emergence of folk singer-songwriter Jessica Pratt; Swedish music collective GOAT; Southern England’s Beaulieu Porch; and new Brooklyn based label Beyond Beyond is Beyond, who brought us the debut album from Prince Rupert’s Drops. This was another exceptional year for new releases and we’re psyched to present to you our picks for the best albums of 2012. Tell us about your favorite albums of 2012 in the comments section below.

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Dog Gone Blog November Mix

Art by: Sean Metcalf 

Download or stream the November 2012 DGB Mix below.

DGB November Mix

01. Camera – Ausland
02. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Viholliseni Maalla
03. Goat – Let It Bleed
04. Prince Rupert’s Drops – Plague Ride
05. Jefferson Airplane – Wild Tyme
06. The Zodiac – Aries – The Fire-Fighter
07. The West Coat Pop Art Experimental Band – Eighteen Is Over The Hill
08. Tjutjuna – Desert Song
09. The UFO Club – July
10. The Smoking Trees – See
11. Mmoss – Hedge Creeper
12. The Karovas Milkshake – Factory
13. Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies – Invisible Man
14. Abstract Truth – It’s Alright With Me
15. Ultimate Spinach – Visions Of Your Reality
16. Woodsman – All Tangled Up
17. Jeffertitti’s Nile – Upside

Prince Rupert’s Drops ~ “Lungs”

Brooklyn psychedelic garage rock ensemble Prince Rupert’s Drops have treated us to the second track from their highly-impressive debut LP, Run Slow. “Lungs,” which premiered on Friday via the good folks at East Village Radio, opens the album with a sprawling seven-and-a-half minute jammer that sets the tone for what follows. Beginning with a Quicksilver meets Fairport guitar intro, the song cruises through the valleys of West Coast psych with guitarist/vocalist Leslie Stein’s haunting vocals sailing on the distant shores. At the midway point, the song takes a turn toward an open-ended, dual guitar jam that demonstrates the group’s knack for extended improvisational journeys.

Hear the song over at East Village Radio.

Run Slow is the the long-time outfit’s debut LP, set to be released via Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records on November 13. Also be sure to check out the previously released LP track “Pillar to Post.”

NEW MUSIC: Prince Rupert’s Drops

Our good friends over at Beyond Beyond is Beyond have started their own independent record label, Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records. The Brooklyn-based label kicks off with the debut 12″, titled Run Slow, from the similarly geographically located psychedelic garage rock outfit Prince Rupert’s Drops this fall. “Pillar to Post,” the album’s first single, is a—to take a line from the label’s founder—cage-free burner with guitar lines that belong on the Dazed and Confused Soundtrack and hauntingly/delightfully distorted vocals from second guitarist/vocalist Leslie Stein. It’s a number for the road.

SHOW NOTICE: Prince Rupert’s Drops will be debuting tracks from their upcoming LP at a very special NYC show on August 16 at Glasslands with Buffalo Killers and the Velcro Lewis Group. Poster/details below.