NEW MUSIC: The Sudden Death Of Stars


“Free and Easy” is the first single off the debut album by French psych revivalists The Sudden Death Of Stars. Twangy guitar riffs, tamborines, nuanced sitars and ’60s organ coast atop a tremolo-y bottom that touch on the sounds of the Velvet Underground, Byrds, Stones, Brian Jonestown Massacre and the lot. As it says on their bio: “Sudden Death of Stars distille un rock’n’roll nerveux, mélodique et psychédélique!” The album is brimming with retro psych jams that truly make this, for lack of better wording, seem like a lost classic. It’s just really, really good old sounding music. Kind of like a delicious, freshly-baked pie that tastes like grandma’s own.

Getting Up, Going Down is out now via Burger/Ample Play. Stream the full album via Bandcamp. LP purchase recommended.