Sunforest – “Magician In The Mountain” (1969)

The story of Sunforest begins in 1969, when three American friends–Terry Tucker, Erika Eigen and Freya Hogue–set course for London in hopes of becoming pop singers. Almost immediately after their arrival, they were spotted drinking tea in a local cafe by legendary U.K. producer Vic Coppersmith-Heaven and were ushered into a studio to record a demo that very night. Just weeks later, they recorded their first and only album, Sound of Sunforest, a collection of psych-folk songs released on Decca Records that same year. The record sold very few copies and, not long after its release, the group permanently disbanded. An interesting factoid about this album, however, is that while working on A Clockwork Orange, director Stanley Kubrick heard the album and asked the band to re-record two songs, “Overture to the Sun” and “I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper,” for the soundtrack.

Sunforest – “Magician In The Mountain”