DGB June 2013 Mix


This month’s mix, now available in multi and single track formats. Download or stream below.

Dog Gone Blog June 2013 Mix

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01. Relatively Clean Rivers – Hello Sunshine
02. Sunforest – Magician in the Mountain
03. Buffy St. Marie – Better Find Out For Yourself
04. Ahmad Zahir – Che Kelaf Sar Zad Az Mah
05. White Fence – Chairs In The Dark
06. Quilt – Open Eyes
07. The British North America Act – Baby Jane Days and Nights
08. Elephant Stone – Sally Go Round The Sun
09. Sudden Death of Stars – – Free & Easy
10. The Auras – Desert Dream (Nothing Is Real)
11. Tess Parks – Life Is But A Dream
12. Silver Apples – Oscillations
13. Deerhunter – Blue Agent
14. Popol Vuh – In Deine Ha¨nde
15. Mazhar ve Fuat – Adımız Miskindir Bizim
16. Brian Jonestown Massacre – Anenome
17. Goat – Run To Your Mama
18. Worthless – Fabrosaurus Freakout
19. Angus MacLise – Shortwave-India
20. Acid Mothers Temple – Message from Outer Space

Popol Vuh – ‘Letzte Tage – Letzte Nächte’ (1976)


Popol Vuh seems to be like the Skull & Bones of the krautrock world—once you’ve succeeded in passing a series of entry level tests, you are suddenly granted access to this magical well of musical greatness. Their name, taken from the Popol Vuh (a manuscript containing the mythology of the Post-Classic Quiché Maya people of highland Guatemala and south east Mexico) coincidentially translates to “meeting place.” Understandably, as a measure of protecting this divine secret, Popol Vuh is one of those bands you really don’t hear much about. But bring up their name to an individual who is properly enlightened and it will elicit a response similar to a holy man hearing the lord’s true name. Formed in ’69, the group released albums up until the early aughts touching on all sorts of genres from space rock to world to electronic avant-garde. In 1976, they released their most rock-aligned album, Letzte Tage – Letzte Nächte, which presents a cosmic journey from start to finish highlighted by Daniel Fischlescher’s soaring lead guitar. Discovering this band and this album was like a lifelong search coming to an end. I hope to offer the same experience to some of you.

The following songs come from Popol Vuh’s 1976 album Letzte Tage – Letzte Nächte.

Popol Vuh – “Oh Wie Nah Ist Der Weg Hinab”

Popol Vuh – “Letzte Tage – Letzte Nächte”