OIden Yolk ∆ Snow Orchid


Under the name Olden Yolk, Quilt’s Shane Butler creates atmospheric, drone-based folk songs. It’s music that moves with nature and its seasons. It loops, layers and weaves its way through sunny summer groves and snowy winter trails. Listen to “Snow Orchid” below.

Hear more over at the Olden Yolk Bandcamp Page.

Dog Gone & Futuremyth Present: Daniel Bachman // Olden Yolk // Gem Trails

Brooklyn friends! We’ve teamed up with Futuremyth for this most-excellent rooftop show taking place at 252 Norman Ave. in Greenpoint on August 16. The evening will feature sets by Virginia-bred acoustic guitar wiz Daniel Bachman (formerly Sacred Harp), Olden Yolk (Shane from Quilt) and Gem Trails (Trevor from Woodsman).

Daniel Bachman first came across our radar with his Feast of the Green Corn tape released by Mirror Universe a few years back. Steeped in the Appalachian ragas reminiscent of John Fahey and, more recently, Jack Rose, Bachman is a superbly accomplished fingerpicker who, along with artists like Steve Gunn and William Tyler, is helping to breathe new life into acoustic guitar music. His debut LP under his own name, entitled Seven Pines, is out now on Tompkins Square. Watch video of him performing at his home in Philadelphia below.

RSVP here for this night of guitar playin’ goodness. Thanks to Sunny Eckerle for the lovely flier!

Video: Olden Yolk – “Tortoise Ode”


Here we have a video of Quilt‘s Shane Butler performing a new song from his Olden Yolk Project. The video was filmed at Lorem Ipsum Book Store in Cambridge, MA and shows senõr Butler demonstrating his adept looping skills. We spoke with Shane about the project a while back, in this here post.

Catch Quilt at our event taking place this Sunday at Glasslands with Alex Bleeker and the Freaks and Weyes Blood. RSVP.

NEW MUSIC: Olden Yolk

Frequent readers of this blog will know that, over the past few months, we’ve been championing the band Quilt as one of our new favorite acts to emerge onto the East Coast psych scene. After delving further into their world, and through meetings and interviews the band, it has now come to our attention that some of the band members also have side-projects of their own. Today, we start with Olden Yolk–the solo project of Quilt singer/guitarist Shane Butler. As Shane tells us:

I have been writing and recording music on my own for as long as I have been playing tunes. I have always made releases under different names and played shows under various monikers: Olden Yolk is the most recent incarnation. Recording/playing solo is definitely a fun outlet cause it allows a totally different process of creation to take place. What I have been doing with Olden Yolk lately is starting songs with folk/acoustic/drone structures and looping and layering until it becomes super atmospheric drone-based folk.

Also, trying to make visual partners for all the jams (i.e. The film I put together for Violet Vagaries). There is really no concrete plan for it, I would love to build some sound installations soon that can place different elements of looping folk songs throughout a room so that you can be within the song more, having instruments surround you and stuff.

You can check out Olden Yolk’s only song ” Violet Vagaries” above.

Shane Butler