A Photo Diary of NXNE ∆ By Laura-Lynn Petrick

Photos by Laura-Lynn Petrick


Walter TV on the Bruise Cruise

Calvin Love on ze Bruise Cruise

Calvin Love on ze Bruise Cruise

lauralynnpetrick_bruisecruise_006 lauralynnpetrick_bruisecruise_003


Juan Wauters climbs aboard


Panache Booking’s Michelle Cable & Señor Mac DeMarco


The Photographer Miss Laura-Lynn

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Ryley Walker

Ryley Walker put out one of the best releases of the year so far, folk or otherwise, with his “All Kinds of You” this past April. Coming out on the typically reissue-oriented Tompkins Square Records, it was obvious that his work was exceptional enough to pique their interest, and can sit among their many folk oriented reissues. Sounding like a product of his influences, his debut sways between the fingerpicking abilities of Michael Chapman’s “Fully Qualified Survivor”, the British Folk tendencies of Bert Jansch’s “Birthday Blues”, and the freewheeling live jazz-band dynamic of Tim Buckley’s “Lorca” in a way that is all his own. Throw Ryley’s world weary singing voice into the mix, and you have a very dynamic and creative album that is both of it’s time and out of it’s time. The man has done his homework.

Ryley will be appearing at the NXNE Death Hymn No. 9 Showcase on June 19 at The Smiling Buddha (961 College Street). Doors at 7:30 PM.

∆ Words by Dave Sampson