Andrew VanWyngarden Pre-MGMT: Accidental Mersh

Andrew VanWyngarden

There’s no denying MGMT’s blatant connection to the jam scene. But did you know that co-founding member Andrew VanWyngarden played in a highscool jamband of his own? While attending White Station High School in Memphis, TN VanWyngarden joined up with Hank Sullivant (of the acclaimed indie band The Whigs as well as a touring guitarist for MGMT and later Kuroma) who was attending Memphis University School at the time. The two formed Accidental Mersh, a funk-inspired jamband that recalls many of the jam scene’s most prominent acts. As VanWyngarden told Relix magazine in the June 2010 cover story:

“My sister got me into Phish and that is pretty much all I listened to to from the time I was 12 through high school.”

In its brief period of existence,—around 2000-2001—Accidental Mersh quickly grew into a popular local act on the Memphis scene releasing two albums during that time. Below you’ll find streams for two of the songs off the band’s debut album Mirror Israeli, along with a link to download the full album. This is a terrific sounding, 2000-era jamband record with killer guitar parts and infectious horn lines. I think many of you will enjoy it.

Listen as “Trailmixx” moves through several measures of Phish-inspired jamming into an unmistakable nod to the Biscuits circa ’99. Also notice the similarity of Sullivant’s solo to the one from “DWD.”


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