NEW MUSIC: Jesus Sons

Last winter, in what seemed like one of those 40-tab deep internet surfing sessions, I stumbled across the music of Bay Area garage rockers The Spyrals. I then wrote about them and enjoyed the album for several months. They kindly thanked us, and that was that. Over a year later (a few weeks ago), they once again made contact to tell us about a new, related project called Jesus Sons. The story is still the same—we know almost nothing about these guys. They come to us like riders in the night, delivering messages containing bluesy garage nuggets that will please fans of the Night Beats, early Stones, 13th Floor Elevators and so on. Below, hear a track and watch their new video. More via their Soundcloud page.

Jesus Sons – “Going Down”




NEW MUSIC: The Smoking Trees

Since 2001, Los Angeles-based musicians Sir Psych and L.A AL have been making and recording 60s-inspired psych and garage rock. Originally part the five member group The Clerk Two Project, the duo’s collaborations continued over the past 11 years, eventually forming what is now The Smoking Trees. Reminiscent of 60s acts like the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band and some of their contemporaries, The Smoking Trees take us on a day-glo trip back to that era with their new album, Acetates, now available via Colour Tree Records. Watch the video for album track “In Another Land” and then head over to Bandcamp to stream or purchase the album in full.

Check back in the coming days to read an extended conversation with The Smoking Trees.