Dog Gone Presents: Amen Dunes △ Alex Calder △ Wicked Witches △ Milk Lines


We’re honored to welcome Brooklyn’s Amen Dunes to Toronto on June 23. He’ll be passing through in support of his excellent new long-player, Love, out now on Sacred Bones. The evening will also feature performances by Montreal-based Captured Tracks artist Alex Calder along with Wicked Witches and Milk Lines from Toronto.

Tickets available HERE.

“Clearly, Amen Dunes’
New album can result in
Levitation, dude”
Revolt of the Apes

Video: Hellshovel – “Drifting Across The USA”


For over a year now, we’ve been digging into the 15 year musical career of Montreal’s Jeff Clarke (Hellshovel, Milk Lines, Demon Claws). As fellow Montreal native King Khan puts it:

Watching them play made my mouth drop, it felt like discovering the Rolling Stones…. they managed to capture the raw power of pure unhinged rock n roll and add to it a gunslingin’ whiskey drinkin swagger the likes of Merle Haggard, Billy the Kid and Conan the Barbarian all in one!!!

We’d have to agree with the sentiments shared by his highness, as we experienced a similar mouth drop when we caught Hellshovel for the first time last year. The mouth dropping continued when we witnessed Milk Lines for the first time earlier this year, and considering this dude is a Canadian brethren—and a supremely chill one at that—we’re even more enthralled.

Last week, Clarke and his Hellshovel brothers hit the road for a lengthy tour with King Khan and the Shrines that will likely bring them through your locale in the coming weeks. Check out the dates here and watch Hellshovel’s new video for “Drifting Across The USA” below.