NEW MUSIC: Milk Lines


As many of you know, Dog Gone Presents moved headquarters from New York to Toronto earlier this year. Having been here for several months now, we’ve had a good amount of time to survey the local music scene and one of our greatest discoveries is a local psych rock band called Milk Lines.

Interestingly enough, it was actually in New York that we were first introduced to the band’s guitarist/vocalist Jeff Clarke, who was on tour with Acid Baby Jesus at the time leading his other Montreal-based group Hell Shovel (he also formerly played in Montreal’s Demonclaws). After that show, I was so impressed with Hell Shovel that I decided to reach out to try and connect when we both made it back to the other side of the border. When I finally got in touch with Jeff several months later, he told me to come check out a new band band he had formed now that he was living in Toronto. My first impression was that this band is good. Really good—like Toronto’s answer to White Fence. My second was that Jeff has monster hands that seem to claw at the guitar ala Neil Young. They’ve (the band, not the hands) got the garage-y rawness of Hell Shovel with the added female vocal edge of Emily Frances that recalls a less polished, slightly darker Quilt. Throw it all together with a bit of country twang and you have Milk Lines. Listen to their only recording, taped live at one of their recent shows, below.

Stay tuned for a Dog Gone Presents announcement bearing their name in the coming days!

NEW MUSIC: Hell Shovel


Hell Shovel, the project led by Jeff Clarke of Montreal’s Demon’s Claws, swung through town on Friday night and proved how they’re one of the best garage psych acts on the scene right now. They sound a bit like Ty Segall, but on significantly more acid. As their description reads, Hell Shovel “is the sound of Johnny Cash drowning in a pool of cough syrup.” Since its inception, the group has released a few albums in limited runs through labels such as the German based Sound Of Cobra Records and toured through the US and Europe with acts like Acid Baby Jesus. And just last year, the group released their debut LP, Hated By The Sun, which you can stream below or purchase via Bandcamp. Watch out for Hell Shovel!