Guest Mix: Unicorn Pudding’s Prog Rock Essentials

We’re honored to present a second playlist from our favorite radio DJ, Mike Newman. You can hear plenty more of these great tunes, along with his unrivaled knowledge about them, on BBOX Radio every Wednesday from 12-2PM or on his show Beyond Beyond is Beyond at East Village Radio on Thursdays, also from 12-2PM. In addition, this busy man will also DJ our December 30 event at the Cakeshop under the alias Unicorn Pudding, while also putting out his own psych rock compilation in early 2012. Here are some words from Mike to lead you into the music…

Hey there, I was super-psyched DGB asked me back to do another playlist…especially a proggy one! So I chose some of my favorite prog-rock tunes and before I knew it, I had three hours worth of musically-decadent delightfulness. So strap yourself in and enjoy all the peaks and valleys and changes and effects and organs and sublime bizarreness, as we enter the prog zone…

01. Yes – Sound Chaser
02. Caravan – In The Land Of Gray And Pink
03. Jethro Tull – …And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps
04. Made In Sweden – Winter’s A Bummer
05. Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Tarkus
06. Bo Hansson – Lothlorien
07. King Crimson – Happy Family
08. Sensations’ Fix – Fragments of Light
09. Man – Many Are Called, But Few Get Up
10. Secret Oyster – Oysterjungle
11. Magma – Udu Wudu
12. Jon Anderson – Flight Of The Moorglade
13. Nektar – Astral Man
14. Pancake – Cakey Funk
15. Hatfield And The North – Shaving Is Boring
16. Genesis – Watcher Of The Skies
17. Fruupp – Jaunting Car
18. Focus – Janis
19. Eloy – Floating
20. Gentle Giant – The Advent Of Panurge
21. Camel – Aristillus
22. Cressida – Asylum
23. Happy The Man – Knee Bitten Nymphs In Limbo
24. Van Der Graaf Generator – House With No Door
25. Triumvirat – The Walls Of Doom
26. T2 – In Circles
27. If – Sector 17
28. Khan – Stargazers
29. Soft Machine – Out-Bloody-Rageous