Songs For The Autumn Months


collage by Mariano Peccinetti

Songs For The Autumn Months

01. Appletree Theatre ∆ ‘E’ Train
02. Lazy Smoke ∆ Under Skies
03. The Association ∆ The Time It Is Today
04. Frummox ∆ There You Go
05. Brewer & Shipley ∆ Keeper of the Keys
06. Jackson C. Scott ∆ Milk and Honey
07. Pelt ∆ Sunflower River Blues (Fahey)
08. Wool ∆ If They Left Us Alone
09. Cartoone ∆ Knick Knack Man
10. Sandy Salisbury ∆ Butter Me Over With Cinnamon Sugar
11. Cartoone ∆ Reflections of a Common Theme
12. Roger McGuinn ∆ Time Cube
13. Peter Walker ∆ Rainy Day Raga
14. Lula Côrtes e Zé Ramalho ∆ Água: Regato Da Montanha
15. Prince Rupert’s Drops ∆ Follow Me

Frummox – “There You Go” (1969)


While on my journey through Sweden, I was introduced to this album by a talented picker living in the northern part of the country. Here to There is the 1969 album by Texas country-rock duo Frummox, which consisted of singer-guitarists Steven Fromholz and Dan McCrimmon. While much of the album is more typical country—Frumholz is said to be a founding figure of Austin’s Outlaw country music scene—one song in particular, titled “There You Go,” is a killer psych nugget with standout vocal harmonies, twangy country guitars and fiddles and sighing string arrangements. For this one I must thank my new friend Daniel and urge you all to listen at once.