NEW MUSIC: The Non Travellin’ Band

A couple months back, we told you about Dead Luke and his impressive new LP, God Takes LSD, released on Oakland-based label Moon Glyph. As it happens, Mr. Luke also performs in The Non Travellin’ Band, which seems to have formerly been an extension of Dead Luke but is now venturing off on its own. Or something. The group has yet to put out an official release, but you can check out a bunch of tunes up on Soundcloud, which have a similar, yet jammier, acid-drenched rock sound as Dead Luke. Dig the 8 minute jammer “A Midnight Ride” and the folkier “Mother Mary Jane” below.

The Non Travellin’ Band “A Midnight Ride”

The Non Travellin’ Band “Mother Mary Jane”

NEW MUSIC: Dead Luke

Madison, WI-based garage-psych artist Dead Luke has released his third proper full-length on Oakland record label Moon Glyph. The cassette, titled God Takes LSD, melds Spaceman 3-esque stoner rock, jangly garage pop and murky blues riffs into a tapestry of delightful lo-fi, jammy psychedelia. Check out the slow burner “Oh My Lord Can’t Help” along with the sun-soaked pop of “I Love” below. Also be be sure to give a listen to “The Best Drug I’ve Ever Done” from Dead Luke’s 2010 release American Haircut.

Order God Takes LSD from Moon Glyph.