Can – “Connection” (1969)

When Can wasn’t on the road, the legendary krautrock pioneers spent their time tirelessly experimenting away in their studio, Inner Space, located in a a century old German castle (and later in a converted cinema). Unlimited Edition, released in 1976 as an expanded version of 1974’s Limited Edition, culls unreleased songs and instrumental jams recorded at the coveted studio spaces between the years 1968-1976 featuring both of the group’s main singers (Damo Suzuki and Malcolm Mooney). Among the odds and ends, of particular interest are the early 1969 tracks recorded with Malcolm Mooney as vocalist—thought to be unreleased cuts from the Monster Movie sessions—”The Empress and the Ukraine King,” “Mother Upduff,” “Connection,” and “Fall of Another Year.” Just imagine how these tracks would have sounded in place of some of the lengthier cuts that wound up on the group’s debut.

Can – “Connection”


In recent years, an increasing number of bands have begun waving the neo-krautrock flag, attempting to recreate and build upon the sounds of the genre’s forefathers like Neu!, Can, Amon Duul, Faust and so on. But few, if any, have actually received praise from said forefathers, aside from Berlin-based trio Camera who have recently been championed by Michael Rother of Neu! Formed by Franz Bargman (guitar) Timm Brockmann (synth) and Michael Drummer (drums), Camera have been dubbed the “Krautrock Guerillas” for their spontaneous concerts in public spaces like subway stations, public bathrooms and even a gatecrashing stunt at the German Film Prize after show party. They’ve shared the stage with Rother and his old comrade Dieter Moebius (Cluster, Harmonia), and just this past summer released their debut LP, Radiate, on Bureau-B Records. Download/stream album track “Ausland”—the latest “Hallogallo” tribute (yet one with a seal of approval!)—and view its official video below.