Dog Gone Radio ∆ Episode 26 (DJ LEAFY CHIEFY)


Episode 26 ∆ March 4, 2016 [GUEST HOST: DJ LEAFY CHIEFY]

1) THE CAMERATA CONTEMPORARY CHAMBER GROUP: the music of Erik Satie-The Velvet Gentleman~ “heurs seculaires et instances 1914: obstacles venimeaux, crepuscular matinal, affolemens grantiques.
2) SYRINX – long lost relatives “aurora spinray”
3) SWINGLE II: love songs for madrigals and madriguys “passé real- il est bel et Bon.
4) CLEMINCIC CONSORT: le roman de fauvel. “Quare fremuerunt”
5) STUDIO DER FRÜHEN MUSIC (Early Music Quartet): Minnesang und Spruchdichtung ca. 1200-1320 “blözen wir den anger ligen sahen” by Niedhart Von Reuental.
6) EARLY MUSIC QUARTET: Carminative Burana Manuscript “nu gruonet aver diu heide” by Niedhart Von Reuental
7) JOHN RENBOURN : The Lady & The Unicorn “Lamento di Tristano- la rota” (Italian MS)
8) BERT JANSCH: “Soho”
9) BRUCE COCKBURN “The Thirteenth Mountain”
10) BUFFY SAINTE MARIE: “eyes of amber”
11) FAMILY OF APOSTOLIC “dholak gheet”
12) CHIMERA:”the Grail interlude II”
13) TALES OF JUSTINE “sitting on a blunestone”
14) JOHN McCORMACK “I hear you calling me”
15) PADDY TUNNEY: “the mountain streams”
16) CLIVE’S OWN BAND: Moshe McStiff and the tartan lancers of the sacred heart. “Eleven willows”
17) THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND “the half remarkable question”
18) JAN & LORRAINE “don’t you feel fine?”
19) MIGHTY BABY “Egyptian tomb”
20) JULIE DRISCOLL “a new awakening”
21) BO DIDDLEY “Spanish guitar”
22) BLIND BOY FULLER “Weeping Willow Blues”
23) JIMMY DAVIS “doggone that train”
24) JACK HYLTON AND HIS ORCHESTRA “Button up your overcoat”
25) THE BONZO DOG DOO DAH BAND “eleven moustachioed daughters”
26) JAKE THACKRAY “the castleford ladies’ magic circle”
27) EDWARD & HARDING “Peace City” (Toronto)
28) APHRODITE’S CHILD “you always stand in my way”
29) NIEBIESKO CZARNI: alarm! “Kulawy wojtek”
30) ILLĒS “nehéz az út”
31) SZÉCSI PÁL “sóhajok nincsenek”
32) KONCZ ZSUZSA “Visz a Vonat”
33) KARO “dans le ventre d’une enorme baleine”
34) CLAUDE DUBOIS “je tourne”
35) THE ATTACK “magic in the air”
36) TIR NA NÕG “tir na nÕg”



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