Dog Gone Presents: Love Saves the Day ▵ A Showcase of Great Northern Psychedelia


It is said that the ancient Greeks wore white to bed to ensure pleasant dreams. It can also said that we are announcing the first of our new Canadian psych music showcase series, Love Saves the Day, which will be taking place regularly throughout the spring and summer months at Toronto’s Smiling Buddha Bar (temporarily relocated to The Piston).

Our very first Love Saves the Day soiree will feature the debut of Jeff Clarke’s (of Hellshovel/Demon’s Claws/Milk Lines fame) new solo project, Minotaurs Oath, along with performances by Calgary psych voyagers Devonian Gardens and Montreal garage rockers Genital Hospital.

RSVP here.


Genital Hospital ▵ “Mix 2”

(Genital Hospital album preview)

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