Dog Gone Presents: Woodsman //Carl Didur // Glass Tomb – Rancho Relaxo (January 29th)


On Wednesday, January 29, Dog Gone Presents a night of primal psychedelia featuring Brooklyn psych-trio Woodsman, who have an excellent new album coming out on Fire Talk Records next month. The show will also include sets by Toronto kraut-duo Zacht Automaat and cosmic devotional project Glass Tomb. The show takes place at Rancho Relaxo and will feature liquid light projections by Lightsweetcrude. Tickets are $10 at the door. Check out Woodsman’s 2014 Winter Tour promo vid and a bit of info about each of the acts below.


Over the past couple years Woodsman has been on a vision quest of sorts. Relentlessly touring and honing a sound born in basements and warehouses sprouting from amps and speakers like lichens on the forest floor. Grounded in experimentation and inspired by the films of Stan Brakhage the band seeks to create visceral tunes born from their environment. When you’re living in a city under mountains you can feel that rhythm seeping in. The bands two drummers focus the idea leaving room for the effected sounds the bands two guitar players conjure. Constantly moving, shifting their collective consciousness toward something mutual. Satisfaction is never guaranteed only suggested and with five releases to date Woodsman leaves it up to you.

Zacht Automaat

Multi-instrumentalists Carl Didur and Michael McLean share a long, intertwined history that stretches into the deepest depths of the Toronto and Hamilton underground rock scenes, including stints in momentary buzz bands (No Dynamics R.I.P.) and recurring gigs backing up Damo Suzuki of Can. But in just three years as Zacht Automaat, the duo have charted an equally convoluted course, pumping out no fewer than 11 releases—online or on cassette—of science-lab psychedelia. Their output forges a lineage of organ-tweaking freakiness that connects the earliest odysseys of Pink Floyd to ’70s Krautrock iconoclasts to modern-day mindbenders like Oneida, Caribou, and The Flaming Lips. – The Grid

Glass Tomb

Ayal Senior lives in Toronto where he plays music with a number of different musical configurations, Botched Robbery, Glass Tomb, welcome home brother charles, Crystal Fingers, Dealers, Braincloud, Hooker’s Revenge, Orphan Words, Dead Dreams, and Navajo. Some of his frequent cosmic musical collaborators include matt ‘doc’ dunn, colin fisher, nilan perera, brandon valdivia, jon shapiro, randy gagne, derek madison, aaron lumley, kevin hainey, jacob horwood andrew zukerman. Ayal also runs the Toronto-based psychedelic label Medusa Editions.

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