Feature: Singles Club


I first met Jeffrey Silverstein a few months back when we co-hosted a loft show in Greenpoint, Brooklyn featuring acoustic guitar prodigy Daniel Bachman along with Olden Yolk and Gem Trails. But even before that, our paths had crossed numerous times in the digital sphere through a mutual love for music and the passion to discuss it and share it with others. It’s likely from that passion that Jeffrey, along with and his bandmate Chris Muccioli, came to revive the old-time tradition of the record club in the form of Singles Club–a new subscription record club and digital music journal published quarterly throughout the year. The first release in the series comes from Daniel Bachman, while others down the line will include Small SurWoodsman, and Wisdom Tooth.

Jeffrey was kind enough to take the time to discuss the concept of Singles Club, as well as a bit about himself and the inspiration for the project. Read on below and if you feel like this is as great of an idea as I do, head over to their Kickstarter and help support the project.

Tell us a bit about yourself…where do you come from? What’s your musical background like?

I grew up in northern New Jersey in the suburbs. I was lucky enough to have parents who always had on CSNY, Beatles, Neil Young, Dylan, Jackson Browne, and just some rock/folk staples in the house/on long trips as well as a bunch of jazz that my Dad was really into. He played Alto Sax and Clarinet for a long time and my older brother played piano. It was definitely a musical household. They always encouraged me to play an instrument and one of my favorite childhood memories to this day is going to a record shop with him and letting me pick out a new album. I got turned on to a lot of stuff that way.

What brought you into the world of collecting vinyl records? What about the vinyl format is important to you? 

I remember my dad always signing up for record clubs as a kid through the mail, mainly CDs. I always loved getting to pick out a couple of the albums we would get and thought it was the coolest concept. My dad was also a big audio/tech guy and really taught me the importance of quality speakers, headphones, etc. Once I got to college and started living with a dude who had this insane collection of punk records, I thought it was the coolest thing. I loved flipping through all of them and looking at the artwork, specifically the 7″s for some reason. I didn’t even have a record player yet but that’s when I started going to different shops in Baltimore and picking up a few things here and there. I love the permanence of vinyl. I love knowing how much labor and love is put into making one and every step of the process. Making a record takes time and patience, and I value those things very highly.


When did you come up with the concept for Singles Club? What were the major inspirations? What was the process like putting it all together?

Singles Club was really the brainchild of my good friend and drummer of my band, Secret Mountains. We had been playing music together for years and always tossed around some ideas of starting some sort of music/design/writing project. With us both being in Brooklyn, plus the help of my girlfriend, we were able to start fleshing things out. We didn’t want to just do another label or PR company and figured this would be the best way for us to really support some of our close friends who are creating incredible music. It was a lot of talk and brainstorms for a long time. We are thrilled it’s really happening now.

What are some of the types of things people can expect to receive when they sign up for Singles Club?

Every issue of Singles Club is a story in itself. Every quarter, subscribers will get an exclusive 7″ record mailed to their door paired with a digital journal containing lots of features and extras on that artist. The a-side of the 7″ is the single while the b-side is an narrative composition where you’ll get to hear the artist talking about the song, tell a story, or something of the like. You might get a live session, perhaps a solo version of a tune, it’s all up to the artist. The first issue comes from the incredible fingerstyle guitar player Daniel Bachman who is not only an unreal player but one of the hardest working dudes in music we’ve ever come across. Plus, he does it all himself. The booking, pr, etc, it’s just crazy. We’re rolling out the release schedule over the next couple of weeks and we think you’ll really dig.

Why does the project need our help?

We want to make sure moving forward that we have a proper budget for mixing, mastering, pressing, filming, etc for each issue. We don’t want to take any short cuts with this project and are dedicated to bringing you a quality product from start to finish. Also, we want to make sure we can promote each of these releases properly. These stories cannot be told unless they get into the hands of the people.We want to start paying our contributors and turn this into a well-oiled machine.

Support Singles Club here.

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