When Real Estate released their debut album on Woodsist in 2009, at the time, the sound of the average white, suburbia-bred “indie” band in Brooklyn was fairly defined—tossed-off, alternative-ish rock with a lot of simple chords played rather quickly. But after Real Estate came onto the scene, things took a noticeable turn. Few could have predicted their influence on the mass of suburban adolescents with the means to purchase their own home recording setups. Over the next year or so, bands in Brooklyn began sharing tones with Yo La Tengo and The Feelies, while Matt Mondanile’s guitar playing inspired more than a few guitarists to replicate his slithery, reverb-drenched lines. In 2011, it was almost strange to see a review of a new “indie” album that failed mention its connection or similarity to Real Estate’s underwater pop sound.

It’s been a few years now since all of this happened. And, as with any fad, the genuine ones are those that remain. Take for example New York-based band Shorts, who mine a similar well of aquatic, lo-fi pop heard on Real Estate’s debut LP. The group has just recently emerged onto the scene, but already have an upcoming cassette being released on the much-loved Night-People records. Little else is known, but you can be one of the early discoverers by checking them out live tomorrow night at Glasslands when they play our show with Coke Weed and Andrew Cedermark.

RSVP here

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