Wooden Shjips – “These Shadows” (Acoustic Version)

wooden-shjips-back-to-land (1)

For the forthcoming Wooden Shjips album, Back to Land, Ripley Johnson and Omar Ahsanuddin packed up and moved to Oregon with the intention of recording their first set of tracks outside of the Bay Area. With the lush climate and natural surroundings inspiring their musical direction, the pair tapped into a brighter, more earthy sound without diverting the course of their space-psych core. A distinctly brighter flag flies throughout the album’s 8 tracks, but at no point does that equate to less distortion, fewer stretched-out modal jams or fewer measures of spiraling space-rock. Instead, what was born on their previous album West comes into full bloom on Back to Land in the form of the Shjips’ most detailed and spacious recordings to date. An acoustic version of the album’s sledge-y rock anthem “These Shadows,” available as a single or pre-order bonus track, can be heard below.

Back to Land comes out on November 12 via Thrill Jockey.

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