Artist Feature: Alex Bleeker’s Mid-Summer Jams

Real Estate bassist Alex Bleeker, who is playing our show tonight at the Comfort Zone in Toronto with his band of freaks, has kindly shared a selection of jams that he’s currently been digging. His new album How Far Away is out now via Woodsist. Catch him tonight along with Moves and Bonnie Trash. 9PM.

Check out the full list of jams after the jump.

Jonathan King – “Everyone’s Gone to the Moon”

Heard this song after midnight driving down the highway, strange and eerily beautiful. 1965 single.

Bachman Turner Overdrive – “Looking Out For Number One”

Somehow I missed this smooth ’70s hit. Don’t have too much love for most of BTO’s hits but Matt Kallman, new Real Estate keyboardist, showed me this gem. Love the harmonizing guitars in the outro

Captain Beefheart & His Magical Band – “Observatory Crest”

Our drummer Dylan showed me this great later beefheart jam. Been digging deeper into his more melodic songwriting since then. Had previously only really known the early stuff like Safe as Milk and Trout Mask Replica.

Pavement – “Shoot the Singer”

Always loved this jam and started listening to the watery domestic EP again recently. Just thought I’d throw it on here.

Michael Rother – Flammende Herzen (album)

Sweet and melodic, picks up right where Neu! leaves off.

Commodores – Easy Like Sunday Morning

I mean come on, it’s the best

Sandy Bull – Fantasias for Guitar and Banjo

Been enjoying Sandy Bull on Nate Luce from Flower Orgy’s recommendation. This record is kind of like Fahey on more acid.

Grateful Dead – “Row Jimmy” (off Dozin at the Knick)

This version has just been tearing at my heart strings lately. Love the extended outro.

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