Tess Parks Signs to Alan McGee’s New Label, 7/9 Ticket Giveaway


A long time ago, My Bloody Valentine made a record called Loveless. It was released  on, and subsequently led into bankruptcy, the legendary Creation Records label—purveyor of the finest in shoegazing noise pop and the like. But that was a long time ago.

After the dissolution of Creation, its co-founder Alan McGee strayed from the musical world, later announcing his complete retirement from music management. For years after he remained silent, although rumblings of new activity came and went. Well, those rumblings can now be confirmed, as McGee has announced the start of a new label, 359 Records, as well as the first six that will be signed. We’re super excited that Tess Parks, who will be performing our show this Tuesday, July 9, will be one of these first six artists. According to McGee:

“So our first batch of six signings are as follows. A 15-year-old kid from Doncaster who loves Bob Dylan, by the name of John Lennon McCullagh. A 44-year-old ex-rock star who now writes beautiful ballads for his band Gun Club Cemetery. A Canadian photographer Tess Parks, who’s modelled in Dazed And Confused, who writes truly dark, haunting songs. Chris Grant is a Scouser and Pete MacLeod is a Glaswegian – they both write songs with such passion and conviction, it hurts. Mineral are a French electronic band who are truly indefinable – although one of them is from Dublin. They will all have albums out by the end of November this year.”

You can read the full message over at McGee’s website.

Tess pulled herself away from the studio for a brief moment to answer a few of our questions about the signing. Catch her on Tuesday with her band The Good People at Parts and Labour in Toronto. You can win a pair of tickets by commenting below with your favorite Creation Records-era song. RSVP for the show here.

Tess Parks Q&A

1. How did you first connect with Alan McGee and later end up becoming one of the first artists signed to his new label?

I literally don’t even know. I got very lucky to meet him. We stayed in touch, that was it really. I feel like it could have been anyone. I just got so lucky.

2. Are you a fan of the other artists he’s worked with?
I love Oasis. I love Jesus and Mary chain, My Bloody Valentine…He’s affiliated with all of my favourite musicians.

3. Tell us a bit about your musical background.

I was brought up on Oasis and Nirvana and the Beatles and Rolling Stones and Zeppelin and all that good shit.

4. What can we expect from you on this new label?

The record will be out in…I think we’re aiming for September? It’s like the project that my whole life has been leading up to. I think it’s gonna be really special. I’m just so happy. I’m the happiest I have ever been. I have the best band, they’re my best friends. It’s just so good to be alive. Music is the greatest.

5 thoughts on “Tess Parks Signs to Alan McGee’s New Label, 7/9 Ticket Giveaway

    • Hey Ken, you won tickets for tonight’s show. Can you e-mail me at doggonepresents [at] gmail so I can give you details?

  1. Quite possibly Memory Babe by The Boo Radleys, but I think this Ken fella wins it with Adorable… though I’d probably have gone with This house is Rotten.

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