Elyse – “Houses” (with Neil Young) (1968)

Canadian psych-folk artist Elyse Weinberg emerged on the Toronto folk scene in the mid-’60s alongside contemporaries like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. During this time, Toronto’s Yorkville neighborhood was the Canadian equivalent of San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury or New York’s Greenwich Village–full of clubs, coffeehouses, experimental art galleries and bohemian boutiques–all contained within several city blocks. Mitchell, who made her name performing at Yorkville’s Riverboat Coffeehouse, wrote a tribute to Yorkville, titled “Night in the City,” and on Neil Young’s “Ambulance Blues,” he sings “back in those old folkie days, the Riverboat was rockin’ in the rain.”

Weinberg was also a notable figure on the scene, releasing her 1968 self-titled album to much success and going on to perform on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. But in subsequent years, she fell into obscurity and changed her name to Cori Bishop. In 2001, her music came to life once again when Orange Twin rereleased her debut album, along with two other of her songs from that era. One of these songs, “Houses,” features Neil Young wielding his distinctively ripping guitar sound on what is said to be the first recording on which he plays his legendary “Old Black.” In the aftermath of the rerelease, Vetiver and Dinosaur Jr. both covered “Houses.” Listen to “Houses” (featuring Neil Young) and Weinberg’s cover of the Bert Jansch penned “Deed I Do” below.

Elyse Weinberg – “Houses”

Elyse Weinberg – “Deed I Do” (Bert Jansch)

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