Endless Boogie – “Taking Out The Trash”


There aren’t too many bands still holding onto the spirit of old, gritty New York as much as Endless Boogie. And there’s even fewer still making new music. The the ever more vanilla ways of rock these days just doesn’t seem to churn them out the way they used to. But there are, of course, exceptions.

Formed in 1997 by a group of Matador Records employees and a professional record collector, Endless Boogie honed their craft for years before first appearing on stage in 2001 as an opener for Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus. Since then, they’ve gone on to play some smaller tours, but mostly stick to playing shows around New York and Brooklyn—and only when they’re invited. Their music follows a simple formula–four bars of some blues rock riff repeatedly hammered into oblivion at the hands of guitarists Paul “Top Dollar” Major and Jesper Eklow–but it’s in this simplicity that the Boogie finds its magic. Like the repetitive ways of krautrock, the Boogie’s blues riffs expand into transportive journeys that can make an hour of droning rock seem like a few minutes.

On February 19 the group will release their third long player, Long Island, recorded this past summer in Brooklyn. Listen to “Taking out the Trash” below.

Pre-order the record via No Quarter.

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