Cold Sun – “Here In The Year” (1969)

Cold Sun were a little-known band who hailed from Austin, Texas back during the town’s psychedelic heydey. In 1969, they recorded (what I believe to be their second album) Dark Shadows at the legendary Sonobeat studios, an album full of dark, mystic poetry and transcendent sound quests, drawing close comparison to Ultimate Spinach, the Grateful Dead and the 13th Floor Elevators. However, the album didn’t see a proper release until the ’90s, when Rockadelic records released a reissue, which now goes for $500. Lengthy epics like “Ra-Ma,” “Here in the Year,” and “Fall,” will send listeners on faraway journeys, through fuzzed-out guitar realms, over rivers of floaty psych and into the grips of these long forgotten recordings. Dig the nearly 9 minute “Here in the Year” below, then seek out the rest. You will be greatly rewarded.

Cold Sun – “Here in the Year”

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