Celebrating Jerry Garcia’s 70th

It seems as though some people are placed on this earth to fulfill a specific purpose. Often, once that purpose has been fulfilled, the individual is taken from us, serving a nearly prophetic role on this planet. Jerry Garcia is one of those people, and on this day, he would have turned a ripe 70 years old. In celebration, we’ve created a playlist containing some of our all-time favorite Grateful Dead moments. Happy Birthday Jerry!

As Bob Weir said after scattering Jerry’s ashes into the Ganges River in India, “May you have peace, Jerry, and travel to the stars.”

1. Mountains of the Moon (2-22-69)
2. Nobody’s Jam (6-22-73)
3. Eyes of the World (9-7-73)
4. The Other One > (12-31-72)
5. Morning Dew (12-31-72)
6. Playin’ in the Band (3-24-73)
7. Estimated Prophet (12-27-77)
8. Dark Star (6-24-70)
9. Attics of My Life (6-24-70)
10. Dark Star (6-24-70)
11. The Wheel > Jam (10-3-76)
12. Jam > Ship of Fools (6-23-74)
13. Help On the Way > (6-14-76)
14. Slipknot! (6-14-76)
15. Franklin’s Tower (6-14-76)
16. Comes a Time (5-9-77)


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