DGB 2011 New Music Mix

[Original art by Sean Metcalf]

We post a great deal of new music on this site, as well as on our Twitter feed and especially our Facebook page. With all of this new music, it’s understandable if one or more of these artists my have evaded your ears. And so, as we approach the end of the year we’ve compiled a mix featuring some of our favorite songs posted over the last 12 months. Stream/download below.

Download Link

01. Woodsman – View From The Vision Hand
02. White Fence – Growing Faith
03. Run DMT – Richard
04. Twerps – Dreamin’
05. Nightlands – Trouble (Lindsey Buckingham cover)
06. Julian Lynch – Terra
07. Minerva Lions – Megrims
08. The War On Drugs – It’s Your Destiny
09. Rangers – Conversations On The Jet Stream
10. Spectre Folk – The Blackest Medicine
11. Spectrals – Doing Time
12. Amen Dunes – Bedroom Drum
13. Pure X – Dry Ice
14. Jeffertitti’s Nile – Mountain Jam
15. The Paperhead – Back To Those Days
16. Quilt – Penobska Oakwalk
17. Pancho San – Kick The Fences Down
18. Silver Pines – Timefather
19. Alex Bleeker & The Freaks – Getting By
20. Magic Trick – Daylight Moon
21. Peaking Lights – Birds Of Paradise (Dub Version)
22. Superhuman Happiness – Human Happiness

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