Music for the Fall…

This month’s playlist features an hour’s worth of tunes ripe for the Fall season. Enjoy…

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1. Megafaun – Real Slow
2. The Byrds – It Happens Each day
3. The Brazda Brothers – Walking into the Sun
4. Minerva Lions – Protection Ave.
5. Rich Bennett – Misty Valley
6. Strangers Family Band – No One Sees Her
7. John Fahey – Dance of Death
8. Julian Lynch – Terra
9. Woods – Who Do I Think I am
10. Doug Paisley – No One But You
11. White Denim – Keys (AD Session)
12. Kurt Vile – The Creature
13. The Feelies – Should Be Gone
14. Real Estate – Barely Legal (Strokes Cover)
15. The War on Drugs – Buenes Aires Beach
16. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Long Hard Book

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