NEW MUSIC: POND – “Greens Pool”

POND hail from Perth, Australia, the same stomping grounds as brother band Tame Impala, who share three of the same band members. The bands also share common sonic ground—traversing the inners of contemporary psych-pop—although POND’s approach is more straight-forward and remains closer to a vintage 70’s psych sound. Tame guitarist Nick Albrook, who pens the group’s songs and takes on vocal duties, is joined by bandmate drummer Jay Watson, and Joseph Orion as well as Tame frontman Kevin Parker (on drums) for live shows. The band has three albums out (which you can purchase via iTunes) and another expected to drop in 2012. Check out the video below, which contains the song “Greens Pool” off a limited edition 7″ vinyl available through Badminton Bandit. I’ve also thrown in the video for “Annie Orangetree” to give you a better idea.

[via The Bearded Rainbow]

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