Videos: Woods 8/13/11 Bowery Ballroom

A few weeks ago, we shared a 15 minute Woods jam from their August 13 performance at Bowery Ballroom in NYC. Today, we have three videos from that show for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of Ian Perlman. This was one of the more powerful performances I have seen this year, and, for those who were unable to attend (which I assume is most of you), these videos help to capture the energy that Woods brought to the stage that night.

[via AZ]

Blood Dries Darker

Rain on

Find Them Empty

2 thoughts on “Videos: Woods 8/13/11 Bowery Ballroom

    • It’s a pair of headphones he runs through his effects. All headphones can be used in reverse as mics, you’ll just get a very different, distorted sound. Also, there’s no keys up there…he manipulates tape decks through effects…G. Lucas Crane is a genius.

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