Guest Mix: Beyond Beyond is Beyond’s ‘Krautrock 101’ Mix


For today, I’m honored to present to you a special Krautrock playlist curated by my good friend Mike Newman from Beyond Beyond is Beyond. You can hear more from Mr. Newman by tuning into his radio show every Thursday from 12-2PM on East Village Radio.

From Mike Newman: Hey there! I was excited when DGB asked me to assemble a playlist a of some of my favorite Krautrock jams. So here we go! Well, first of all, I think people have different ideas of what Krautrock is. To some it is simply rock made by Germans in the late 60s and 70s. To others it comes more down to style: the motorik drumming, the nod to experimental electronic music, the ambient textures, the avant garde. And some that prescribe to the latter, don’t even consider being German a crucial element, so long as it checks out in the other categories. I like the jumble. The uncertainty. The gummi distinctions. What I’ve got here for you today is some of my favorite Kraut rock. Dig it…

01 Exmagma – Box 25 02 Can – Mother Sky 03 Amon Duul II – A Morning Excuse 04 Kraan – Andy Nogger 05 Faust – Flashback Caruso 06 Hairy Chapter – Illusions 07 Andy Goldner – Full Moon 08 Ashra – Oasis 09 Frumpy – I’m afraid, Big Moon 10 Cluster – Zum Wohl 11 Birth Control – We All Thought We Knew 12 Epitaph – Big City 13 Lake – Scoobie Doobies 14 Popol Vuh – Get Up 15 Niagara – Bones 16 Scorpions – It All Depends 17 Kin Ping Meh – My Future 18 Agitation Free – Atlantic Overcrossing 19 Kraftwerk – Autobahn

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