Jerry Week: Capitol Theater 1982/04/10 Solo Acoustic


The recording of Jerry Garcia’s performance at the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ on April 10, 1982 opens with the promoter saying “I think you’ll find this a rare musical experience.” But not even he, or even Jerry, could have known just how true that statement would become, for this was the one and only time that Mr. Garcia performed an entire show solo acoustic. There are competing tales as to whether Jerry booked the show solo and then called John Kahn on for the rest of the tour, or if Kahn was supposed to play but was unable to make it. Either way, it’s been said that Jerry felt uncomfortable during the performance and decided not to play publicly by himself ever again. Below, you can hear two cuts—one from the early show and one from the late—displaying Jerry in this intimate setting. A truly rare musical experience, indeed…

MP3: “Reuben and Cherise” (4/10/82)

MP3: “Gomorrah” (4/10/82)


2 thoughts on “Jerry Week: Capitol Theater 1982/04/10 Solo Acoustic

  1. yeah, my friend gets the headiest shows ever and i have no idea where they come from… well he comes by with this exact show but only the late show.. I’ve had it on my iPod for forever but my computer crashed, and the show went with it. for a year I’ve refused to update the iPod because i would loose this show if i did… bottom line is that Im also looking to download or buy this show, both early and late shows, if at all possible so i can update this thing once and for all without loosing one of my favorite shows of all time

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