Wide Wail – “Summersong”

Pulling into Watkins Glen last Thursday, our car went into deep silence when the sounds of some unknown band graced our ears over The Bunny’s airwaves. The Ducktails-like guitar tone combined with the spacey psych effects sounded to us like the work of Matt Mondanile—but actually turned out to be a late ’90s group from Vermont. Before DJ Rubes could identify the song, Phish took to the stage for their soundcheck and all we heard was “I’m fading out…I’m fading out…Phish is soundchecking.”

Determined to find the source of this music I had heard, I went to the Bunny Radio’s facebook page and discovered it to be “Summersong” by a group called Wide Wail. The song comes off an album called Like It Never Was, released in ’98, but now seems to have fallen into relative obscurity. Numerous searches later and all I can find is this single song, which I ripped from the Bunny broadcasts.

Wide Wail – “Summersong”

Download Link

If you have any Wide Wail in your collection, or know more about them, please share! I am eager to know more about this band.

10 thoughts on “Wide Wail – “Summersong”

  1. they have a track on a comp called “Burlington Does Burlington” from 1996. the track is “Coyote”. i can upload the track if you’re interested.

  2. Funny, I had the same reaction to the song, and after searching and searching have found nothing except for the rip. Is your rip 2 different songs though? Thanks for posting!

    • It is two different songs! Just found out after hearing the original “Summersong.” The search continues for the first band….

  3. I knew these folks in VT around 91-94. David Rosenstein’s songwriting and pungent guitar work was great. Amanda Gustafson had very strong vocals. I think Jared Manasek played bass and Matt Taylor on guitar, at least early on… UVM…

  4. So… be thrilled to know that Wide Wail is pulling together a complete anthology, a VT Irene benefit CD. Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll post info when I get it.

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