Letters from the Schvice Pt. II

Winter 1997

Dear Mike,
When you are going off on that bass, do you ever say to your self “Man, I’m going off?”
Just wondering,
Brian Treacy

Yes. One time on our last tour, I said to myself, “Man, I’m going off,” and god knows I was; I was way off. I was so off I was on, and I thought, “Right on.” Actually, could you rephrase the question?


Fall 1998

Dear Phish,
What was “Fish like in college? Please give details
Kevin “Foz” Fosbenner, Rutledge, PA

He was whimsical, doing anything on a whim. An adventurous guy, he would do anything for a thrill. One time that meant busting open the dorm candy machine with a hammer. A security guy walked up and Fish said, cautiously gripping the shopping bag of candy, “Aw, look what someone did.” Another time he hid from campus cops by lying with his bicycle in the bushes, even though he had done nothing wrong. Unfortunately, he got caught anyway by an officer who saw the bike sticking out. He was startled and said, “What candy machine?”

Winter 1998
Dear Members of Phish,
In high school, were you the popular or unpopular kids
Huge Fan, Nathan Corddry

Dear Nathan, I think I’m speaking for all of us When I saw I was the Captain of the football team.

Summer 1999

If you were stranded on an island and could only have 3 things, what would they be?
Jon Layfellow, Ruidoso, NM

A towel—I could get wet if I take a dip. A CD player (I think it’s obvious what CD I’d have). And a small plane.

Spring 1999
Dear Phish,
Have you ever cut a set a little short because one of you had to go potty? Do you have a hand signal or something that lets the band know you must “make”?
Love, Samantha Kramer Cleveland, OH

Dear Samantha,
I have “made” before—mid-set. But sometimes, music can be good with the added tension of knowing you’d like to make.

Dear Mike, here’s a question I’m sure you’ve seen before. The glowsticks are beginning to annoy the fuck out me. How do you feel? James During, Wilmington, NC

Jimmy: We appreciate an audience-instigated ritual, just as we appreciate a bird chirping Mahler daintly on the windowsill, the dead cold of a winter’s night. But I’m not the only one to suffer eyeball damage, so I suggest that people throw something lighter like feathers, cotton candy or conch fritters.

End of Century (20th)

What do you think would be the strangest thing that could happen on the eve of the new millenium?
Hakim Smith St. Paul, MN

Hakim: God could descend in the image of George Burns, and sing us the newer, revised Commandments.

4 thoughts on “Letters from the Schvice Pt. II

  1. Awesome… I have a few old newsletters with some good letters in the them if you’re interested in transcribing… funny stuff.

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